Message from chair no. 11 In the last InterRidge newsletter, I mentioned that we will solicit […]
Message from chair no. 10 The situation regarding COVID-19 appears to be getting better in many […]
Message from chair no. 9 This September marks the one-year anniversary of the InterRidge Webinar Series. […]
Message from chair no. 8 Soon after taking over the chairpersonship of InterRidge three years ago, […]
Message from chair no. 7 An early response survey of Tonga Volcano using Icebreaking Research Vessel […]
Message from chair no. 6 1. Icebreaking Research Vessel Araon has arrived in Tonga on the […]
Message from chair no. 5 Below are some of the things that InterRidge is planning:1. SCOR […]
Message from chair no. 4 Many countries are witnessing the sudden rise of variant omicron. As […]
Message from chair no.3 Dear Colleagues and Friends of InterRidge The third online Steering Committee Meeting […]
Message from chair no.2 Dear Colleagues and Friends of InterRidge InterRidge was also hit hard by […]
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