Message from chair no. 9

This September marks the one-year anniversary of the InterRidge Webinar Series. We began the online lecture series as a way to remain connected and promote scientific communication during the era of the global pandemic. I think it was a success. We had over 50 attendees on average. I would like to thank the speakers and the audience who logged in to our webinar from all around the world in spite of the fact that some webinars had to occur during odd hours.

Attached is the Third Decadal Plan (2014-2023) for your review. It appears that the writing of the plan began in December 2011 (almost three years ahead), during the time when the UK was the host of InterRidge under the leadership of Bram Murton, together with dedicated participants. I think we should review the Third Decadal Plan to see what was accomplished and what remains to be achieved before coming up with a new decadal plan for 2024-2033. The Chair will ask the national representatives shortly from member countries to nominate those scientists to take part in formulating the plan for the next decade. In the meantime, please take the time to review the Third Decadal Plan.


Sang-Mook Lee

Chair of InterRidge

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