General Information about Interridge

Taking Part in InterRidge

Any individual engaged in ridge crest research may subscribe or unsubscribe (click and send e-mail without changing its subject) the interridge-members list, or contact directly the InterRidge Coordinator to subscribe and receive bimonthly Inte


InterRidge activities are initiated within the international ridge crest research community, overseen by the InterRidge Steering Committee and the InterRidge Chair and coordinated through the InterRidge Office. InterRidge is designed to serve national and international programs, individuals and groups around the world engaged in ridge crest research.

InterRidge Working Groups

A Working Group comprises a Working Group Chair or Co-Chairs who drive the progress of the group and report back to the Steering Committee, and the working group members. The scientists come from various universities and research institutes around the world, and their expertise is diverse but pertinent to the project the working group is tackling. This ensures that ridge-related research projects are addressed from different perspectives.

Current Active Working Groups

About Us

InterRidge (IR) is a non-profit organization concerned with promoting all aspects of ocean floor research (its study, use and protection) which can only be achieved by international cooperation. At present IR is supported by 3 principal member nations (China, France and Norway each paying 25 000 US$) and 7 regular member nations (Canada, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Korea and UK, each paying 5 000 US$), our other member nations and regions have corresponding nation status.

Four Main Functions

InterRidge has four main functions:

  • 1. build and maintain an interactive international ridge-research community
  • 2. identify, through its working groups and the workshops and conferences they organize, the most compelling questions in ridge research and develop program plans to address these questions
  • 3. act as a representative body for international ridge scientists in policy discussions
  • 4. through education and outreach communicate the importance and excitement of ridge research to the general public and decision makers worldwide.