General Information about Interridge

2008 Steering Committee

China- Jiabiao Li Korea- Sung-Hyun Park
China- John Chen Norway- Rolf Pedersen
France- Jérôme Dyment Portugal- Fernando Barriga
France- Françoise Gaill Spain - Rosario Lunar

SCOR General Meeting 2008

10/22/2008 08:00
10/24/2008 08:00

XXIXth SCOR General Meeting 2008
22-24 October 2008, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
To be held at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, following the SCOR 50th Anniversary Symposium.

One of the proposals for a new SCOR Working Group is an outcome of the 2007 InterRidge IRTI on Biogeochemical Interactions at Hydrothermal Vents. Click here for the proposal on the SCOR website.

InterRidge Steering Committee Meeting 2008

10/17/2008 08:00
10/18/2008 08:00

InterRidge Steering Committee Meeting 2008
To be held at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA, USA
Fri.-Sat., 17-18 October 2008, prior to the SCOR 50th Anniversary Symposium

2007 Update

2007 Update (submitted April 2007, appended Nov. 2007)

A large segment of the ultraslow spreading ridge community met in fall 2006 in Sestri Levante, Italy at the InterRidge-European Science Foundation-funded "Polar Ridges Meeting and Workshop". During 3 days of talks, workshop and field trips, the main topics discussed were the cutting edge of ultraslow spreading ridge science, concrete plans for new expeditions on ultraslow spreading ridges, and new countries (notably China and Korea) who are interested in increasing their involvement in the study of ultraslow spreading and polar mid-ocean ridges. See Polar Ridges Workshop 2006 on the IR website: http://interridge.whoi.edu/WG/ultraslow/06PolarRidges.

1998 Steering Committee

Canada - S.

1997 Steering Committee

France - Mathilde Cannat (Chair) Spain - Miquel Canals
France - Daniel Desbruyeres, ad hoc Spain - Juan Jose Danobeita
France - Jean Francheteau UK - Philippe Blondel, ad hoc
France - Catherine Mevel, ad hoc UK - Chris German

1996 Steering Committee

France - Daniel Desbruyeres Spain - Miquel Canals
France - Jean Francheteau Spain - Juan Jose Danobeita
Germany - Peter Herzig UK - Lindsay Parson, ad hoc
Germany - Roland Rihm UK - Martin Sinha
Japan - Kensaku Tamaki UK

1993 Steering Committee

France - H. David Needham (Co-Chair) USA - John Delaney (Co-Chair)
France - Daniel Desbruyères USA - Robert Detrick
France - Jean Francheteau USA - P.

1992 Steering Committee

France - H. David Needham (Co-Chair) USA - John Delaney (Co-Chair)
France - Daniel Desbruyères USA - Robert Detrick
France - Jean Francheteau USA - P.

1991 Interim Steering Group

France - H. David Needham (Co-Chair) USA - John Delaney (Co-Chair)
France - D. Desbruyeres USA - P. Jeff Fox
France - Jean Francheteau USA - Charles H. Langmuir
UK - Martin Sinha  

Working Group Participants

Below is a list of participants for the Working Group Sessions (Thursday - Friday). If there are any problems with this list, please email the coordinator - interridge@whoi.edu

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Working Group 1 - Regional-scale plume studies and water column chemistry/biogeochemistry

Karen Bemis, Rutgers University
Sarah Bennett, NOC, UK
Cedric Boulart, NOC, UK
Douglas Connelly, NOC, UK
Melitza Crespo-Medina, Rutgers University
Shinsuke Kawagucci, Ocean Research Institute, Univ. of Tokyo
Yuta Konno, Hokkaido University

2007 Update

Biology Working Group Update
(July 2007)

Bibliography of ultraslow spreading-related papers

Download PDF compiled through 2005 Here

List below includes articles through 2008 (not comprehensive)

Baker, E.T. et al., 2004. Hydrothermal venting in magma deserts; the ultraslow-spreading Gakkel and Southwest Indian Ridges. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems - G (super 3), vol.5, no.8, 29 pp., 18 Aug 2004.
Brozena, J.M. et al., 2003. New aerogeophysical study of the Eurasia Basin and Lomonosov Ridge; implications for basin development. Geology (Boulder), vol.31, no.9, pp.825-828, Sep 2003.

2007 Update

InterRidge Working Group Update
Monitoring and Observatories

(May 2007)

Working Group Members:
Javier Escartin (Chair) , IPG, France
Ricardo Santos (Co-Chair), University of Azores, Azores
Kyohiko Mitsuzawa , JAMSTEC , Japan
Pierre-Marie Sarradin IFREMER , France
Adam Schultz , NSF , USA
Paul Snelgrove , Univ. Newfoundland , Canada
Paul Tyler , National Oceanography Centre , UK

The MOMAR Working Group, after the last meeting, has been inactive for the following reasons: