Message from chair no. 5

Below are some of the things that InterRidge is planning:

1. SCOR new working group proposal (deadline: April 30, 2022)

SCOR is an international non-governmental non-profit organization. Its activities focus on promoting international cooperation in planning and conducting oceanographic research, and solving methodological and conceptual problems that hinder research. Though SCOR covers all areas of ocean science, very little has been done regarding global geology and geophysics. I am thinking of proposing a new working group of SCOR related with global mid-ocean ridge system. In particular, the heat flow coming out of ocean floor is important source of energy that affects various processes happening within the ocean. Those that are interested in participating in such a proposal for the SCOR new Working Group, please contact the chair (

2. InterRidge tried to organize a special session related with deep-sea investigation and mid-ocean ridge for upcoming Asia-Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) 19th Annual Meeting (August 01-05, 2022). This event was supposed to be held at Honolulu Hawaii but changed to a virtual meeting. We thought this would be a good chance for InterRidge members to get together in person. However, after it was decided that the meeting will be held virtually (online) due to omicron, the excitement has died down and very few abstracts have been submitted. Those abstracts will likely be merged with other sessions. InterRidge would like to apologize for this turn of events. Meeting face-to-face is important and we will try to see if InterRidge a special session can be organized in the upcoming FALL AGU (December 12-16, 2022, Chicago).


Sang-Mook Lee

Chair of InterRidge

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