Message from chair no. 4

Many countries are witnessing the sudden rise of variant omicron. As a result many activities of InterRidge are still being affected. However, we have some good news. As mentioned in the last month newsletter, it looks like US community will return to InterRidge. Also a key member in the InterRidge Steering Committee, Seung-Sep Kim of Chungnam National University in Korea is working closely with Sung-Hyun Park of Korea Polar Research Institute to organize a rapid response research for surveying the underwater damages in changes of volcanic eruption in Tonga on January 15, 2022. As you all know, the event generated tsunami along the Pacific. Dr. Kim plans to utilize Korean Icebreaking Research Vessel Araon which will be returning back to Korea from New Zealand sometime in April. The ship will be passing area near Tonga. For those interested, contact InterRidge is proud to be a part of this early response effort.


Sang-Mook Lee

Chair of InterRidge

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