Message from chair no.2

Dear Colleagues and Friends of InterRidge

InterRidge was also hit hard by global pandemic since early last year. International meetings and workshops were all halted. And support for scientists to join scientific cruises to mid-ocean ridges of other countries all became impossible. Hence the first InterRidge Webinar on September 23 was an important event signaling that we are returning back to normalcy. More than 97 people attended the online webinar.

I would like to thank Prof. Richard Arculus once again for his wonderful lecture and service. Because InterRidge is global, it is difficult to set a time where everyone can agree on. For those who cannot attend the live webinar, we have posted the full lecture on YouTube. The second InterRidge Webinar will be given by Dr. Ross Parnell-Turner, Marine seismologist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography on October 20 Wednesday 1 AM GMT/UTC. The title of the lecture is ‘Probing past and future volcanism at 9˚50’N, East Pacific Rise’.

Please check your local time. This will be 9 AM in China, 10 AM in Seoul/Tokyo, and 3 AM in Central Europe (France and Norway). In the west coast of US, it will be 6 PM on October 19 Tuesday (-1 day) (PST) and 9 PM in the east coast (EST). Again, the lecture will be recorded and posted on YouTube.

Despite our best effort, we received complaints that the news of the webinar and the newsletter itself did not reach several people. This could be for several reasons including automatic filtering of email at local institutes. If you know somebody who has not received the newsletter, please inform us. We can check our mailing logs and try to find solutions.

InterRidge is soliciting new working groups. A Working Group on ‘Terrestrial Analogues of Oceanic Lithosphere’ was proposed by Prof. Jung-Woo Park petrologist at Seoul National University. We are seeking for other topics for working group as well preferably in life sciences.

Finally, we look forward to hearing from the community on ways to improve InterRidge and its activities. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me or the InterRidge Coordinator. Thank you very much for your attention.

Sang-Mook Lee

Chair of InterRidge

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