Newsletter Statement as an InterRidge Chair

Dear Colleagues and Friends of InterRidge

As the new chair of InterRidge, I am pleased to announce that we are resuming online email InterRidge newsletter service. The last email newsletter service was May 2020 announcing that InterRidge Office has transferred from IPGP (Institut de physique du globe de Paris) in France to Seoul National University in Korea. Because of travel and meeting restrictions due to coronavirus and administrative work involved in the transition from one country to the other, InterRidge Office took a lot of time to adjust to the new environment but is now ready to resume communication with the scientific communities.

The InterRidge website ( has a new look and new information and data are being added and updated. The newsletter will be sent out monthly and as before will include recent information on mid-ocean ridge studies occurring around the world as well as meetings, student fellowships, and travel bursaries for joining the seagoing cruises.

A new important activity of InterRidge is the launch of scientific webinar series on mid-ocean ridge research and deep-sea studies. This will be conducted monthly and will be important for scientific debate and discussion in this age of restricted travel.

Currently InterRidge has some 1500 email addresses in its mailing list. If you choose not to be on the list please click unsubscribe button below. Otherwise, we very much appreciate your continued interest and support. If there is anything that will make InterRidge better, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you very much for your attention.


Sang- Mook Lee

Chair of InterRidge

Associate Professor

Seoul National University

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