Call for Abstract! InterRidge Session at AOGS 2022 Annual Meeting 

We are holding an InterRidge session at 19th Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) Annual Meeting 05-10 June 2022 Honolulu, Hawaii, as “IG17 – Interdisciplinary Research on Ocean Floor Studies: from Ridge Crests to Deep-sea Basins”. In this session, we welcome a diverse range of researches that address all aspects of ocean floor research including, but not limited to, conservation and management of oceanic ridge habitats, geological and geophysical processes of ridges and deep-sea basins, mixing and heating of the ocean modulated by the ocean floor, monitoring data from active tectonic events (e.g., underwater eruption), and numerical studies on magmatic processes and hydrothermal circulation. We hope this session can be a platform to exchange scientific information and share new technologies and facilities to promote new science programs that no single nation can achieve alone. The abstract submission portal is open now: 

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