Oceanic Transform Faults

Working group on Oceanic Transform Faults

Leading proponents and contacts:

Marcia Maia France, geophysics, tectonics


Barry Hanan USA, isotope geochemistry


Daniele Brunelli Italy, petrology


WG co-proponents:

Diane Arcay, France, geophysics (subduction models)

Marco Cuffaro, Italy, geophysics (models)

Colin Devey, Germany, geochemistry, petrology

Joao Duarte, Portugal, tectonics, analogue models

Laurent Geoffroy, France, tectonics (passive margins)

Cédric Hamelin, Norway, isotope geochemistry

Seung-Sep Kim, Korea, geophysics

Serge Lallemand, France, tectonics (subduction)

Marco Ligi, Italy, geophysics

Christine Meyzen, Italy, petrology, geochemistry

Eric Mittelstaedt, USA, geophysics (models)

Ingo Grevemeyer, Germany, geophysics

Sven Petersen, Germany, hydrothermalism

Lars Ruepke, Germany, geophysics (models)

Pedro Terrinha, Portugal, tectonics, geophysics

Scientific objectives:

This working group, would like to focus on five questions that are likely of large interest to the Earth sciences community:

– How do large and mega- transform domains react to both far- and near-field stress changes?

– How do transforms interact with the underlying mantle. What are the effects of temperature, rheology and composition?

– What is the interplay between transform dynamics and magmatism?

– Which relationship exist between oceanic transform faults and their counterparts on continental margins?

– Are oceanic transform faults sites of intense fluid-rock interaction and biogeochemical exchange?

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