2022 InterRidge Steering Committee Members

Korean Representatitve (2020 -)

Yong-Jin Won 

A professor in the Division of EcoScience, Ewha Womans University




Young-Jin Won is a professor in the Division of EcoScience at Ewha Womans University in Korea. His research interests focus on marine and aquatic organisms’ population genetics and evolution. Concerning the deep-sea hydrothermal vents, he is particularly interested in the biodiversity and genetic connectivity of vent organisms. He earned a Ph.D from the Graduate Program in Ecology & Evolution at Rutgers University. Since then, he has studied the evolutionary biology of deep-sea hydrothermal vent organisms, marine invertebrates, and freshwater fishes. He served as director of the Natural History Museum of Ewha Womans University and is an editorial board member of Animal Systematics Evolution and Diversity and Animal Cells and Systems. 

Selected Papers

  • Sook-Jin Jang, Si-Yeong Jun, Yujin Chung, Yong-Jin Won (in review) Spreading rates of the mid-ocean ridge systems are a primary factor for the connectivity and diverging process of symbiotic bacteria of deep-sea vent mussels. Frontiers in Marine Science.
  • Maëva Perez, Corinna Breusing, Bernard Angers, Roxanne A. Beinart, Yong-Jin Won, and C. Robert Young (in revision) Extreme genomic makeover: evolutionary history and niche adaptation of maternally-transmitted clam symbionts. Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences.
  • Sook-Jin Jang, Phuong-Thao Ho, Si-Yeong Jun, Dongsung Kim, and Yong-Jin Won (2020) A newly discovered Gigantidas bivalve mussel from the Onnuri Vent Field on the northern Central Indian Ridge. Deep-Sea Research I. 161(103299): 1-12.
  • Roterman CN, Lee W-K, Liu X, Lin R, Li X, Won Y-J (2018) A new yeti crab phylogeny: Vent origins with indications of regional extinction in the East Pacific. PLoS ONE 13(3): e0194696.
  • Mullineaux LS, Metaxas A, Beaulieu SE, Bright M, Gollner S, Grupe BM, Herrera S, Kellner JB, Levin LA, Mitarai S, Neubert MG, Thurnherr AM, Tunnicliffe V, Watanabe HK and Won Y-J (2018) Exploring the Ecology of Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents in a Metacommunity Framework. Frontiers in Marine Science. 5:49.

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