Spare berth on SMARTIES Cruise

French research cruise SMARTIES of RV “Pourquoi Pas?” and deep-sea submersible “Nautile” will take place between 12 July and 24 August 2019 on the intersection of the Mid-Atlandtic Ridge axis and the Romanche Transform Fault. Port calls will be on the Cape Verde Islands. The aim is to complete the mapping of the region to recognize the boundaries of a Smooth Seafloor domain and its persistence through time and explore in detail the change in deformation patterns on selected targets already identified from available bathymetric data. Bathymetric, gravimetric and magnetic data will be acquired. Nautile will collect rocks, videos and images to be interpreted onboard. OBS deployment is also scheduled.

The chief scientists Dr. Marcia Maia of the French National Centre for Scientific Research and Dr. Daniele Brunelli of U. Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy have assembled a team of international scientists. There is at least one place for student, who will be involved in data acquisition and interpretation. Applicants should possess sufficient knowledge in marine geophysics and motivation for participating in this expedition.

Please contact the chief scientist(s) and if your profile match the criteria send your complete application to the InterRidge Office. If you are selected to participate the cruise, the Office (after the the disicion of the IR Steering Committee) will provide a cruise bursary of up to $2000 to cover your travel expenses to join the cruise. More details about the procedure and on the InterRidge Cruise Bursary program here.