First  Author Title
T1-01 Jie Zhang Seismic evidence of a detachment fault near the fossil spreading center in the Southwest Sub-basin, South China Sea
T1-02 Jinchang Zhang Tamu Massif-Largest Volcano on Earth-within Shatsky Rise Oceanic Plateau Formed by Mantle Plume-Mid-Ocean Ridge Interaction?
T1-03 Fan Zhang Systematic variations in morphological characteristics of global transform faults
T1-04 Weiwei DING Tectonomagmatic process in the Southwest Sub-basin, South China Sea -geoconstraints from seismic data and IODP 349 Expedition
T1-05 Tao Zhang Asymmetric crustal structure of the slow-spreading Mohns Ridge
T1-06 Chen Ling  Mantle heterogeneity and melt refertilization beneath the ultraslow-spreading ridge: Minerals compositions of peridotites from the Southwest Indian Ridge (53°E segment)
T1-07 Songlei Xie The influence of magma intrusion in South China Sea breakup
T1-08 Ji-Qiang LIU Micro-FTIR and Raman spectroscopy study of melt inclusions and glasses from East Pacific ridge (EPR) 
T1-09 wu zhaocai Geophysical signatures of oceanic core complexes at the Carlsberg Ridge
T1-10 Zhong, Q Temporal and spatial variations in seismicity of fast-slipping oceanic transform faults at the East Pacific Rise
T1-11 Ning Qiu Interpretation of the spreading process for the narrow low-latitude inactive ocean basin using deeptow magnetic anomalies: A case study of Southwest Subbasin, South China Sea
T1-12 Zhiyuan Zhou Contrasts between magmatic versus amagmatic segments of ultra-slow spreading systems: Differences in underlying mantle thermal regime, partial melting, and lithospheric structure
T1-13 Zhang Xia Mineralogical Study of Hydrothermal Sulfide in the Okinawa Through
T1-14 D.J. Wilson Crustal evolution from the Costa Rica Rift to borehole 504B
T1-15 Caicai Zha Evolution of the ridges and transform faults due to the changing of spreading direction and speed at the Southwest Indian Ridge
T1-16 E.P.M. Gregory Geophysical analysis of oceanic crust at a mid-ocean ridge
T1-17 Liu Shoujin 对澳大利亚 - 南极洲不吻合带Australian-Antarctic Discordance的观测与地球动力学研究: 探索地幔下涌与温度异常对大洋中脊岩浆量以及岩石圈变形的影响
T1-18 Tingting Zheng  Contrasts in hydroacoustic seismicity along oceanic transform faults between the East Pacific Rise and Mid-Atlantic Ridge
T1-19 Gavin A Haughton InterRidge Bursary to Panama Basin and preliminary bathymetric interpretation
T1-20 Xubo Zhang Investigation of turbulent flows and near-bottom hydrothermal plumes at mid-ocean ridges
T1-21 Ding Weiwei Neotectonics in the Southwest Sub-basin, South China Sea: Constraints from multi-channel seismic data and IODP Expedition 349
T1-22 Masakazu FUJII Near-seafloor Magnetics using AUV URASHIMA at the Tarama and Irabu Hydrothermal Fields, Okinawa Trough
T1-23 Huatian Zhang Different Crust Failure Modes Controlled by Spreading Obliquity and Its Implication: Insight from Southwest Indian Ridge 46-52.5°E
T1-24 Ryoko Senda Review of Os isotope variation and model ages in ablyssal peridotite 
T1-25 Dr. Natue Abe Major element chemistries of the Pacific crust subducting into the Izu-Bonin Trench:
T2-01 Yejian Wang Sulfide Mineralization from a Newly Discovered Hydrothermal Field on the Carlsberg Ridge: Evidence from Mineralogy and LA-ICP-MS study
T2-02 Ren Mengyi Metallogenic information extraction and quantitative prediction process of seafloor polymetallic sulfide resources in the Southwest Indian Ocean
T2-03 Xiaohu Li,  Zn isotope composition in hydrothermal systems on the mid-ocean ridge and its implication for geochemical cycling of Zinc
T2-04 Li-Shoujun TPEC Algorithm and its Application in Niao Chao Hill —China’s first international undersea feature naming
T2-05 Li Huaiming Hydrothermal sulfide mineralization model at Dragon Area on the Southwest Indian Ridge
T2-06 Shujie Wang Geochemical features of the hydrothermal sulfide on the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge near 15°S
T2-07 Zongwei Cai Rare-earth-elements characteristics of the hydrothermal sulfide in the Central Indian Ridge
T2-08 Jianyu Ni The new Hydrothermal zones along 3-7 south degree latitude at eastern Pacific Rise
T2-09 Ágata Sofia C. M. Alveirinho Dias Saldanha hydrothermal field: the role of the sediment-cover in the preservation of ore-forming minerals
T2-10 ZIYIN WU A new method to identify the foot of continental slope based on an integrated profile analysis
T2-11 Dineng Zhao A New Method of Automatic SVP Optimization Based on MOV Algorithm
T2-12 Jayaraju   N Mining of Seabed Resources  of Central  Indian Ocean Basin : Ecological Implications 
T2-13 Zhang Weiyan Evaluation parameters of seafloor polymetallic massive sulfide resources
T2-14 Lartaud F Characterization of chemical energy resources used by chemosynthetic bivalves in present and fossil hydrothermal systems using stable isotope signature of shells