Russian Ridge Workshop’07

06/05/2007 12:00
06/07/2007 12:00

Russian Ridge Workshop’07 dedicated to memory of Leonid Dmitriev – Founder of R-Ridge and one of pioneers in Study of Mid-Oceanic Ridge World System

Download the Abstract Volume here - 721KB

5-7 June, 2007, Moscow

Workshop Agenda: Geochemical, petrological and geophysical segmentation of the Mid-Oceanic Ridges and its relationships with geodynamic parameters of oceanic lithosphere accretion.
Workshop will be held in Institute of the Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences (IGEM RAN) in frames of International Seminar “Interaction and Relationship of Hydrothetmal and Magmatic Systems of Oceanic Basins” with invited key-lectures.

S.А. Silantyev (Vernadsky Institute): Fax: 7-(095) 9382054 ,
G.A. Cherkashev (VNIIOkeangeologia): Fax:7-(812)1141470, e-mail: