AGU Chapman Conference on "Detachments in Oceanic Lithosphere"

05/08/2010 00:30
05/16/2010 16:30

AGU Chapman Conference on "Detachments in Oceanic Lithosphere: Deformation, Magmatism, Fluid Flow, and Ecosystems"
8–16 May 2010, Cyprus
Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 Jan. 2010

Oceanic core complexes (OCCs) are deep sections of the oceanic lithosphere exhumed to the seafloor by long-lived detachment faults formed along the flanks of ultra-slow to intermediate-spreading mid-ocean ridges. These structures have attracted interest because: (1) provide windows into the oceanic lithosphere, (2) are an important component of lithospheric accretion along ridges, (3) host a large variety of high- and low-temperature hydrothermal fields and associated ecosystems, (4) represent an extreme case of strain localization and tectonic deformation, and (5) may provide insights into the origin and nature of continental metamorphic core complexes and detachment faulting in extensional continental margins.

The goals of the conference are:
•To share results and synthesize our current knowledge of OCCs, oceanic detachment faulting, and associated geological, chemical, and biological phenomena
•To identify relevant scientific questions that remain unanswered, put forward new questions, and define both scientific experiments and an approach strategy to address them.

InterRidge is co-sponsoring this conference.
Conveners: J. Pablo Canales (WHOI, USA) and Javier Escartin (IPGP, France)

Travel Grants
Support has been awarded from the European Science Foundation towards the participation of young European scientists. Please contact Javier Escartín for further information: