Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) 2009

08/11/2009 00:00
08/15/2009 14:00

Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS), 6th Annual General meeting
11-15 August 2009, Singapore
Abstract deadline: 15 March 2009

Session of interest to InterRidge:
[SE63] Western Indian Ocean - The enigma persists

The western Indian Ocean (WIO) holds signatures of enormous crustal transshipment of India by 5000 km. In addition, the WIO is the home of at least two major hotspots - Marion and Reunion. There are several aspects, which are still poorly understood in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO).

In particular, the formation of the Amirante Trench–Ridge Complex, the origin of the Laxmi Ridge & Basin, and the formation & evolution of the Carlsberg Ridge are immensely important to fully appreciate the evolution of the western Indian Ocean, particularly between the two major dismemberments at about 85 Ma and 65 Ma. It is also surprising that no reconstruction based on detailed petrology has been carried out so far. A well-defined integration of petrological and geodynamic data and information, we believe, could help understand the dynamics of separation of key Gondwanaland blocks and decipher the evolution of the western Indian Ocean.

We shall examine during the session-- (1) to bring out a statement on the present understanding, (2) to draw future research course and (3) to a modality to collate expertise scattered worldwide to solve WIO enigma. Prof. John J Mahoney (Univ. of Hawaii) and Prof. S Chatterjee (TTU- Texas) have agreed to share the dais.

Ranadhir Mukhopadhyay
Convener, SE-63, AOGS-2009
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