New SCOR Working Group: "Hydrothermal energy transfer and its impact on ocean carbon cycles"

InterRidge is pleased to announce the approval of a new SCOR Working Group in Oct. 2008, to be co-funded by InterRidge, on "Hydrothermal energy transfer and its impact on ocean carbon cycles." This new Working Group (SCOR WG 135) is co-chaired by Nadine Le Bris (IFREMER, France) and Chris German (WHOI, USA). The proposal was developed from discussions at the InterRidge Theoretical Institute (IRTI) on Biogeochemical Interaction at Deep-Sea Vents, held in September 2007. Currently, the proposal is posted on the SCOR website at: The webpage for this new SCOR-InterRidge initiative is

This is the first SCOR Working Group in over ten years to derive from InterRidge activities. We congratulate those involved with the proposal and thank all who were involved with the discussions at the IRTI. Please feel free to contact Nadine (, Chris (, or the InterRidge office ( with questions or suggestions for the new SCOR Working Group.

The WG's first meeting is scheduled for 23-24 November 2009 in Woods Hole, MA, USA.

Preliminary agenda and travel information for IR-SCOR WG meeting

Dear IR-SCOR Working Group members,

The first meeting of the Working Group is coming up soon, in about 6 weeks.
I just posted the preliminary agenda at:

I would like to reserve a block of hotel rooms at Inn on the Square in Falmouth. Please let me know if you plan to attend the WG meeting, and if/when you need hotel accommodations.
If you need a letter for a travel visa, please contact me as soon as possible, thanks.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Woods Hole, best regards,

Agenda and travel info for IR-SCOR WG meeting

Dear IR-SCOR Working Group members,

I am looking forward to your visit to WHOI next Monday-Tuesday, 23-24 November.
I just posted the agenda and some travel information at:

See you soon,