Ofioliti Journal

Ofioliti is an open-access international journal with the main goal of diffusing the knowledge on ophiolites and modern oceanic lithosphere. In 43 years of activity, Ofioliti published original papers dealing with geodynamics, petrology, geochemistry, stratigraphy, tectonics, biostratigraphy, and paleogeography. All papers published in Ofioliti from 1998 are available online, free of charge. To download the articles, you have to register here.

Ofioliti's Editorial Committee has been totally renewed. We ensure a rigorous peer-review process and a short publication time. In order to support the journal, a small publication fee is requested to the Authors for each article (100 €). We encourage all researchers working on ophiolites and/or on modern oceanic lithosphere to submit the results of their studies to Ofioliti.