Global Seamounts Project - Call for participation

A new international project has been proposed called the Global Seamounts Project (GSP), to intensively survey a range of 18 seamounts in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean basins, over eighteen expeditions beginning in 2019 and continuing through 2023. The project will generate standardized sets of inter-calibrated, multidisciplinary field data over the survey range to develop a new ecosystem model for seamounts. GSP was collaboratively developed by a team of seamounts scientists and ecosystem modelers and is inviting scientists from a wide range of disciplines and regions to participate.

The project proposal is accessible on the Global Seamounts Project section of the Open Science Framework (OSF) website. Interested scientists, post-docs, students and technicians from around the world can sign-in on the OSF site and at the GSP Working Groups document page can enter comments, ideas and indications of interest.