Joint InterRidge-SCOR Workshop on the Indian Ocean Ridges

Following an invitation by SCOR (Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research), the InterRidge Steering Committee has decided to support the organization of the Joint InterRidge-SCOR Workshop on the Indian Ocean Ridges. Discussions with SCOR on the workshop organization are currently starting.The Indian Ocean offers many scientific prospects for the ridge community. The ultraslow spreading SWIR remains the focus of cutting edge researches on poorly magmatic seafloor spreading after having been opened to science by InterRidge in the 1990s. The intermediate SEIR has been the playground for major experiments on the mantle geochemistry variability and the transition between dome (EPR-type) and axis (MAR-type) styles of spreading. The slow CIR is cut by major transform faults on a large part and remains a natural laboratory for distant ridge-hotspot interactions. All three ridges are the focus of hydrothermal exploration as well, with 4 out of 6 exploration permits on seafloor massive sulfides delivered by ISA so far. To this should be added the first observation of unique hydrothermal species adaptation and the recognition of its unique biogeographic distribution patterns, with promises of major discoveries as the biological exploration expands.
As all InterRidge member countries have recently had experiments on the Indian ridges, this meeting will be a great opportunity to share results and discuss opportunities of collaboration to go further, with the help of the Second International Indian Expedition (IIOE) which has started in 2017 but lacks involvement of the ridge community (both geosciences and biology-ecology). The meeting may take place in Fall 2018, details will be announced soon.