The next InterRidge Steering Committee meeting

The InterRidge Steering Committee is an assembly of representatives from the Principal and Regular Member Nations of InterRidge. Principal Member Countries have two voting representatives while Regular Member Countries have one. Each Corresponding Member Country has a national correspondent who is welcome as observer at the annual Steering Committee meeting. Working Group Leaders are also invited at the meetings to report on their activity. The Steering Committee monitors the activity of the InterRidge Office and decides on all matters of importance for the program (scientific strategies, actions to be taken, procedures, budget…) that the Office will execute.
This year, the Steering Committee meeting will take place on 20-21 July in Paris. New Working Groups will be discussed and appointed. The evaluation of the IR Fellowship applications will be validated. Major items of discussion will address the update of the IR Code of Conduct, IR – SCOR interaction on the Second International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE2) and InterRidge participation at 23rd Session of the International Seabed Authority.
If you would like a non-listed item to be discussed at the meeting, please send your suggestion to your National Correspondent and/or the InterRidge Office.