MOR session at the Goldschmidt conference

08/16/2015 08:00
08/21/2015 20:00

A MOR session 20c at Goldschmidt 2015 is orginized in Prague (August
16-21) entitled “Fluxed and Stretched – Making New Crust” (part of Theme
20: Mantle to Crust). The session covers crustal formation at mid-ocean
ridges, continental rifts and arcs, and aims to examine the differences
and commonalities between crust-forming processes in these different
tectonic settings; the full session description is pasted below. We hope
to see you there as contributors and/or in the audience.

Keynote: Mike Perfit
Invited Speakers: Tyrone Rooney (on Afar), Julian Pearce (on Izu Bonin -
Mariana arc system)

Fluxed and Stretched – Making New Crust
Partial melts rise from the Earth's upper mantle to form variably
differentiated silicate crust in a range of settings, including
mid-ocean ridges, arcs and continental rifts. The elemental and mass
transfer associated with partial melting is a key process in the
chemical differentiation of solid Earth with implications for climate
evolution. The composition of the silicate crust, its thickness,
structure and evolution differ strongly in various geotectonic settings,
but the causes of this diversity remains poorly understood. Does the
compositional difference between crust produced in the various tectonic
settings reflect different primary melts, or the complex intra crustal
differentiation? Does a singular primary melt type exist or do primary
melts encompass a broader range? What portion of the primary melt
finally erupts? What are the accumulation rates and how and at which
rates do crustal structure, thickness and composition evolve through time?
This session invites contributions that address all aspects of crustal
formation at convergent and divergent plate boundaries and in intraplate
settings. Case studies and conceptual approaches from all disciplines
are welcome, including field studies, experimental petrology and
geophysical approaches ranging from fluid dynamics to seismology.
Studies that highlight differences and commonalities between the
tectonic settings and those with a temporal perspective on crustal
evolution are particularly encouraged.

Convenors: Susanne Straub, Johan Lissenberg, Philipp Brandl, Oliver