SCOR-InterRidge Meeting on Indian Ocean - registration open

The SCOR-InterRidge Meeting on "Mid-Ocean Ridges and Other Geological Features of the Indian Ocean" will take place on 14-16 November 2018 in Goa (India).

Registration & Practical Information:

Please see the meeting brochure for payment, accommodation, abstract submission and other details. A limited number of travel fellowship will be offered by SCOR and InterRidge based on the the situation and motivation of the applicant, followed by a first-come, first-served basis. Please apply when registering.

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The workshop will focus on the geological, geophysical, geochemical and physical aspects of the mid ocean ridges and the other geological features in the Indian Ocean and provide forum for exchange of ideas and results.
Both the Ridge community and the Marine Geology and Geophysics community are only marginally involved in the International Indian Ocean Expedition - 2 (IIOE-2) and therefore one of the major goal is to develop new international collaboration and programmes on geology and geophysics of the Indian Ocean, under IIOE-2. This meeting aims to encourage involvement of the Ridge and Marine Geology and Geophysics communities in the IIOE-2. The budget allocated by SCOR and InterRidge will mostly be used to allow students, young scientists, or other scientists to participate.


The following seven themes cover the main peculiarities of the Indian Ocean ridges and geology:

1) Indian Ocean mid-ocean ridges: hydrothermalism, fragile ecosystem, and deep-sea mining exploration

2) Indian Ocean mid-ocean ridges: tectonics and magmatism in a wide range of spreading rates

3) Evolving lithosphere of the Indian Ocean: from mid-ocean ridges to basins to active or passive margins

4) Complex physical and geochemical aspects of the Indian Ocean mid-ocean ridge system

5) Aseismic ridges, oceanic plateaus, micro-continents and seamounts of the Indian Ocean

6) Implications of the collision and subduction on the complex history of the Indian Ocean

7) Submarine fans and sedimentation history in the Indian Ocean

Scientists interested by these themes are invited to mark the dates and join the meeting.

Please see the meeting brochure for payment, accommodation, abstract submission and other details.

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