CAR workshop

10/12/2015 05:39

CAR workshop website is open.

Brief schedule for social events.

12th Oct.

Day time :
Tours of Old incheon city and R/V Araon.
Because Icebreaker Araon will be parked in Incheon Port which is very close to Old Incheon City in that time, it would be a good chance to visit Araon and Old Icheon city simultaneously​. Old Incheon was first modernized city in Korea. Since old Incheon city was open to foreign countries first time in Korean history, there are many historical sites in there. Korean, Chinese and Japanese cultures are coexisting and well mixed in Old Incheon city.

Evening :
Dinner and icebreaker at Central Park in Songdo New City where KOPRI and Hotels are located.

13th Oct

Banquet at KOPRI.

Please encourage scientists to attend CAR workshop.