InterRidge “International Cooperation in Ridge-Crest Studies”

InterRidge (IR) is a non-profit organization concerned with promoting all aspects of ocean floor research (its study, use, and protection) which can only be achieved by international cooperation.

Since its creation in early 1990’s, InterRidge has been an international forum for mid-ocean ridge (MOR) scientists, expanded to regions beyond ridge crests to include deep-sea basins and other plate boundaries as well as biological processes in those extreme environments. InterRidge promotes interdisciplinary studies by creating a global research community, planning, and coordinating new science programs that no signle nation can achieve alone, exchanging scientific information, and sharing new technologies and facilties.

At present, InterRidge is supported by 4 principal member nations (China, France, Korea, and Norway) and 6 regular member nations (Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Poland, and UK). Our other member nations and regions have corresponding nation status. 

Principal Member

Regular Member

InterRidge exists to

  • Promote interdisciplinary, international studies of the ocean’s floor
  • Coordinate scientific exchange (information, technology, and facilities) between national research groups
  • Provide a unified voice for ocean ridge researchers worldwide
  • Encourage the protection and management of the oceanic ridge environment
  • Promote communication between non-scientists, educators and policy-makers
  • Spearhead education outreach efforts to raise awareness of the oceanic ridge environment

InterRidge plays a dual role. Its primary aim is to favor the emergence of new concepts and makes possible ambitious experiments at international level. We also supports community-wide initiatives such as the definition and dissemination of a code of conduct for scientific studies in relation to chemosynthetic hot-spot ecosystems and their vulnerable environments. More recently, with the growing interest of countries and industries for deep-sea mineral resources, including seafloor massive sulfide (SMS) deposits at MOR, InterRidge has become a voice of expert scientists in different fora. Through its observer status at the International Seabed Authority (ISA) since 2012, particularly, InterRidge developed formal interactions with this organization created under the United Nation Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). 

Besides, its affiliation with Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR), InterRidge program has links with international research programs such as the International Ocean Discovery Program and the International Lithosphere Project. InterRidge activity includes meetings and workshops where the advancement of scientific knowledge, new issues, methodological improvements and standardized protocols are discussed. InterRidge also dedicated itself to interact with the public, scientists and governments, and to provide a unified voice for ocean ridge researchers worldwide. While committed to the advancement of fundamental science, an increasing role for InterRidge is our involvement in compiling information and advice for police makers. The multidisciplinary InterRidge working groups give the organization a key role in future discussions concerning the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources associated with ridges, volcanic arcs, back-arcs, deep-sea basins, and associated hydrothermal systems. 

Services InterRidge Provide

InterRidge’s activities are initiated within the international ridge crest research community, overseen by the InterRidge Steering Committee and the InterRidge Chair and coordinated through the InterRidge Office. InterRidge is designed to serve national and international programs, individuals and groups around the world engaged in ridge crest research.

Project Coordination

  • The InterRidge Office provides scientific and logistical coordination for InterRidge projects.
  • Promote communication and exchange of information and ideas amongst members of the international ridge crest research community.
  • By organizing and facilitating meetings and workshops around scientific themes, InterRidge provides a venue for identification and discussion of the scientific issues of chief concern to the community.

Disseminate Information

  • InterRidge edits and publishes

Meeting and Workshop Reports: These reports serve not only to communicate the proceedings of workshops and meetings to members of the community, but also as a vehicle for recommendations to various national and international research and funding agencies.

InterRidge News: This annual newsletter is distributed free to members of the ridge crest research community. it contains: report on recent ridge crest cruise; updates on international cooperative research projects; News from national and international research programs; Various announcements and notices pertaining to ridge crest research; up to date schedule of ridge crest cruises.

World Wide Web: InterRidge maintains this website with updated information and announcement, publication listings, and links to other programs.

  • InterRidge maintains databases: A database of international cruises to the ridge crest as well as the global database for hydrothermal vents are accessible via the InterRidge website.  

  • International Ridge Research Directory: The InterRidge Office maintains an electronic database of international ridge crest researchers that is accessible from the InterRidge website. The directory lists the fields of interest of each researcher as well as their full coordinates (address, telephone, fax, e-mail).  

Current Scientific Activity “the 3rd Decadal Plan 2014-2023”

InterRidge scientific activities are currently led under the frame of the 3rd Decadal Plan 2014-2023 ‘From Ridge Crest to Deep-Ocean Trench: Formation and Evolution of the Oceanic Crust and its Interaction with the Ocean, Biosphere, Climate, and Human Society’ launched in 2012. Thus InterRidge expands its focus beyond the ridge crests and basically covers the entire ocean basins. More

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