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Cruise ID Ocean Region PIssort icon Year
A118-32 N. Pacific N EPR Bryan; Thompson 1988
Galapagos '88 Galapagos Rift needPI 1988
none 87 Arctic Mohns Ridge not available 1988
VEMANAUTE N. Atlantic N MAR Auzende, J. 1988
MW8706 N. Pacific N EPR MacDonald, K.; Fox, P.J. 1987
A118-22 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Deming; Lewis 1987
MW8707 N. Pacific N EPR Fornari, D. 1987
Kayio 87 S. Pacific North Fiji Basin Auzende, Honza 1987
Project Hydronaut N. Pacific N EPR needPI 1987
VAL 59 Arctic not available 1987
A118-21 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Hammond; Bobbitt 1987
MW8517 and MW8518 S. Pacific Manus Basin need_PIs 1985
SK 16 Indian CIR Nath, B. Nagender; Siddiquie, H.N. 1985
RC2607 N. Pacific N EPR Detrick, R.; Mutter, J. 1985
SEAPSO S. Pacific North Fiji Basin Auzende, Eissen 1985
ARGO-Rise N. Pacific N EPR Ballard, R. 1985
A112-26 N. Pacific N EPR Fox; Macdonald, Ryan 1985
Galapagos '85 Galapagos Rift needPI 1985
MRTN15WT MARATHON N. Pacific Orcutt 1985
A112-25 N. Pacific N EPR Fornari, D. 1985
A112-09 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Malahoff 1984
RP-14-SU-84 VENTS Program N. Pacific JdF Ridge R. Embley; Hammond 1984
PROTO09MV Protea Leg 9 N. Pacific Ballard 1984
A112-06 N. Pacific N EPR Craig, Edmond 1984
A112-07 N. Pacific N EPR Jannasch; Mottl 1984
CYARISE N. Pacific N EPR needPI 1984
RP-15-SU-83 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Malahoff 1983
PROT01MV/ Protea Leg 1 N. Pacific Macdonald 1983
PASCAU Leg 1, PASC01WT N. Pacific N EPR Ryan, W.; Fornari; Fox 1983
CERE03WT/PASCUA N. Pacific Batiza; Lonsdale 1982