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Cruise ID Ocean Region PIs Year
none 161 Dorman, Hildebrand 1992
none 163 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Spiess 1992
none 164 Nelson 1992
HERO II N. Pacific N EPR Childress, J.; Felbeck, H.; Desbruyeres, D. 1992
none 167 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Mottl, Wheat 1992
none 170 Garmany, Stoffa 1992
none 169 Schilling 1992
SeaMarc II Lonsdale 1992
none 71 S. Pacific Manus Basin Binns 1992
none 72 S. Pacific Woodlark Basin Binns 1992
none 153 S. Pacific Chile Rise Klein, Karsten 1992
none 155 Hey 1992
none 166 Macdonald, Forsyth 1992
none 168 Sinton, Batiza, Mahoney 1992
HESANT Southern Maldonado 1992
none 83 Southern Bransfield Strait Acosta 1992
none 156 Southern Pacific-Antarctic Ridge Cande, Haxby 1992
none 173 Purdy, Solomon, Toomy 1992
PHNX02MV N. Pacific N EPR Batiza, R. 1992
AII-125-32 N. Pacific JdF Ridge J. Delaney; Schultz 1991
none 28 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Cook, Stakes, Tivey 1991
AII-125-33 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Stakes 1991
TROUGHS N. Pacific N EPR Mottl; Lupton; Baker 1991
AII_125-29 N. Pacific J. Delaney; Schultz 1991
none 209 N. Atlantic Bonatti, Raznitsin 1991
AII-125-30 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Lutz 1991
A125-24, AdVenture '91 N. Pacific N EPR Haymon, R. 1991
SERA02WT SERRANO N. Pacific N EPR Hildebrand; Webb; Chave 1991
HERO I, HERO91 N. Pacific N EPR Desbruyeres, D. 1991
A125-25 N. Pacific D. Fornari; M. Perfit 1991