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Cruise ID Ocean Region PIs Year
none 25 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Kadko 1994
A131-11, AdVenture 4 N. Pacific N EPR Von Damm, K.; Lilley, M. 1994
none 99 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Spiess 1994
none 118 Detrick 1994
none 126 Lonsdale, Bloomer 1994
none 234 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Cannon, Joyce 1994
PASO-94 Danobeitia 1994
none 190 Coffin, Karner, Shor 1994
GEBRATERM I Southern Bransfield Strait Canals, Calafat 1994
GEBRATERM II Southern Bransfield Strait Canals 1994
none 125 Southern Pacific-Antarctic Ridge Lonsdale 1994
none 128 Southern Phipps Morgan, Orcutt 1994
A131-16 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Embley; Trefry 1994
NOFI 2 S. Pacific North Fiji Basin Lagabrielle, Reullan, Pelletier, Matsumoto 1994
EW9405 N. Pacific N EPR McClain, J.; Orcutt, J. 1994
A131-24 AdVenture 5 N. Pacific N EPR Lutz; Lilley; Fornari 1994
A131-12 N. Pacific N EPR D. Fornari; Cochran 1994
Gravinaut Dubois 1993
BRIDGE 10 N. Atlantic N MAR, Reykjanes Ridge Murton 1993
MADRIGALS N. Atlantic N MAR Sinha 1993
none 122 Urabe 1993
none 6 N. Atlantic N MAR Langmuir 1993
none 98 Tucholke 1993
none 78 Indian SWIR Tamaki, Fujimoto 1993
MARK and TAG N. Atlantic N MAR Fiala-M 1993
SEADMA II Cannat, M 1993
none 58 Van Dover 1993
PACMANUS II S. Pacific Manus Basin Binns, Scott 1993
BRIDGE 9 N. Atlantic N MAR, Reykjanes Ridge German 1993
Geofar N. Atlantic N MAR Auffret 1993