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Cruise ID Ocean Region PIssort icon Year
none 105 N. Pacific N EPR Mutter 1995
none 56 N. Pacific N EPR Mullineaux 1995
GeoCanRidge IV Edwards, Scott 1995
none 48 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Embley, Tivey 1995
KT-95-9 N. Pacific Mariana Trough Taira, Ishii 1995
BioROPOS 95 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Juniper, Fisher 1995
none 69 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Thomson 1995
none 60 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Tivey, Becker 1995
HYFIFLUX b S. Pacific North Fiji Basin Halbach, Auzende 1995
none 85 Southern East Scotia Ridge Livermore, Mitchell, Larter 1995
none 137 Southern Pacific-Antarctic Ridge Sempere 1995
none 133 Indian SEIR K. Johnson 1995
none 61 Von Herzen, Becker, Schultz 1995
A132-19 Block Party 3 (Hot Rock III) N. Pacific N EPR Mullineaux, L.; Fisher, C. 1995
none 123 Indian SEIR Christie, Cochran et al. 1995
OCEANAUT N. Atlantic N MAR Bideau, Hekinian 1995
none 55 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Johnson, Delaney 1995
none 53 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Mottl 1995
FLUXES I N. Atlantic N MAR Murton, German, Dixon, Herring 1995
TADJOURADEN 1 Indian Tadjoura Rift, western Gulf of Aden Tapponnier, Huchon 1995
W9506A N. Pacific Wilcock; Purdy 1995
AII-132-08 N. Pacific JdF Ridge J. Delaney 1995
none 46 Karson 1995
GEBRATERM II Southern Bransfield Strait Canals, Calafat 1995
Poseidon Arctic Kolbeinsey Ridge Devey 1995
none 203 S. Pacific North Fiji Basin Halbach, Windoffer, Giere 1995
none 99-1 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Spiess 1995
none 142 Indian Red Sea Stoffers 1995
AAS 11 Indian Andaman Basin Rao, Ch. M. 1995
NeedID N. Pacific N EPR Webb, S.; Crawford; Nooner 1995