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Cruise ID Ocean Region PIs Year
A132-25 Legacy N. Pacific N EPR Chave, Van Dover, Ravizza, Cary 1996
Sea Cliff N. Pacific JdF Ridge P.Rona; Jackson 1996
LUSTRE, KN145-19 N. Atlantic N MAR Fornari, D.; Humphris, S. 1996
SK 114 Indian Carlsberg Ridge Valsangar, A.B. 1996
Need ID N. Pacific Davis; Fisher 1996
none 99-2 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Spiess 1996
none 159 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Spiess 1996
Yokosuka STARMER S. Pacific Lau Basin Matsumoto, Ruellan, Delteil 1996
GEBRAP Southern Bransfield Strait Canals 1996
REVEL ROPOS '96 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Juniper, K.; Delaney, J.; Fisher, C. 1996
TN063 N. Pacific JdF Ridge J. Delaney 1996
Need ID N. Pacific JdF Ridge E. Baker 1996
Hot '96 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Gaill, F.; Fisher, C. 1996
Y95-04-1 N. Pacific Mariana Trough Fujimoto 1995
Y95-04-2 N. Pacific Mariana Arc Fujimoto 1995
none 131 S. Pacific Macdonald 1995
MELT Forsyth, Chave et al. 1995
GALLIENE Indian SWIR Patriat 1995
none 52 Batiza 1995
none 130 Haymon 1995
Ridge-Flux S. Pacific S EPR Kinoshita 1995
STARMER S. Pacific Manus Basin Urabe, Auzende 1995
none 145 Southern Bransfield Strait Lawver, Klinkhammer 1995
HYDROCK Indian CIR Halbach 1995
SAMUDRA Indian Deplus 1995
MICROSOKE 95 N. Atlantic N MAR Prieur 1995
none 101 S. Pacific Lau Basin Sinha, Pierce 1995
none 102 S. Pacific Lau Basin Sinha, Peirce 1995
none 127 Southern Pacific-Antarctic Ridge Lonsdale, Hawkins, Castillo 1995
none 54 N. Pacific JdF Ridge Delaney 1995