General Information about Interridge

1996 Steering Committee

France - Daniel Desbruyeres Spain - Miquel Canals
France - Jean Francheteau Spain - Juan Jose Danobeita
Germany - Peter Herzig UK - Lindsay Parson, ad hoc
Germany - Roland Rihm UK - Martin Sinha
Japan - Kensaku Tamaki UK

1993 Steering Committee

France - H. David Needham (Co-Chair) USA - John Delaney (Co-Chair)
France - Daniel Desbruyères USA - Robert Detrick
France - Jean Francheteau USA - P.

1992 Steering Committee

France - H. David Needham (Co-Chair) USA - John Delaney (Co-Chair)
France - Daniel Desbruyères USA - Robert Detrick
France - Jean Francheteau USA - P.

1991 Interim Steering Group

France - H. David Needham (Co-Chair) USA - John Delaney (Co-Chair)
France - D. Desbruyeres USA - P. Jeff Fox
France - Jean Francheteau USA - Charles H. Langmuir
UK - Martin Sinha  

Working Group Participants

Below is a list of participants for the Working Group Sessions (Thursday - Friday). If there are any problems with this list, please email the coordinator - interridge@whoi.edu

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Working Group 1 - Regional-scale plume studies and water column chemistry/biogeochemistry

Karen Bemis, Rutgers University
Sarah Bennett, NOC, UK
Cedric Boulart, NOC, UK
Douglas Connelly, NOC, UK
Melitza Crespo-Medina, Rutgers University
Shinsuke Kawagucci, Ocean Research Institute, Univ. of Tokyo
Yuta Konno, Hokkaido University

2007 Update

Biology Working Group Update
(July 2007)

Bibliography of ultraslow spreading-related papers

Download PDF compiled through 2005 Here

List below includes articles through 2008 (not comprehensive)

Baker, E.T. et al., 2004. Hydrothermal venting in magma deserts; the ultraslow-spreading Gakkel and Southwest Indian Ridges. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems - G (super 3), vol.5, no.8, 29 pp., 18 Aug 2004.
Brozena, J.M. et al., 2003. New aerogeophysical study of the Eurasia Basin and Lomonosov Ridge; implications for basin development. Geology (Boulder), vol.31, no.9, pp.825-828, Sep 2003.

2007 Update

InterRidge Working Group Update
Monitoring and Observatories

(May 2007)

Working Group Members:
Javier Escartin (Chair) , IPG, France
Ricardo Santos (Co-Chair), University of Azores, Azores
Kyohiko Mitsuzawa , JAMSTEC , Japan
Pierre-Marie Sarradin IFREMER , France
Adam Schultz , NSF , USA
Paul Snelgrove , Univ. Newfoundland , Canada
Paul Tyler , National Oceanography Centre , UK

The MOMAR Working Group, after the last meeting, has been inactive for the following reasons:

Event Detection and Response and Observatories working group

Chair: Chris Fox

Working Group Members:
Japan - Kyohiko Mitsuzawa

This working group was active between 1995 and 2001 to develop detection methods of transient ridge-crest seismic, volcanic and hydrothermal events, and the logistical responses to them through a strategy of international collaboration, and establish a long-term observatory in the Atlantic. This working group developed into the current working group "Monitoring and Observatories"

2001 - ED&R Working Group Update