Short report from the 25th Annual Session of the International Seabed Authority

InterRidge was represented by its co-Chair Jérôme Dyment at the first part (25 February – 1 March) of the 25th session of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) held in Kingston (Jamaica). The Council of the ISA met to continue its examination of the Draft regulations for exploitation of mineral resources in the Area. Documents prepared by the Secretariat addressed several crucial points such as the Financial model, Standards and guidelines, Decision making processes, Precautionary approach, Inspection mechanisms, the Regional Environmental Management Plans (REMPs), and their Independent assessment. On the latest point, InterRidge was satisfied to note that the Authority considers the involvement of independent scientific experts and expressed its interest in helping it to access the international scientific community in its diversity. InterRidge hosts and maintains a list of many scientists who may be happy to provide independent expertise on topics related to solid earth sciences, oceanography, ecology and biology.