2012 Update

The InterRidge Oceanic Detachments WG was put in place in January 2012, following the results and recommendations of the 2010 AGU Chapman Conference on “Detachments in the Oceanic Lithosphere”: (http://www.ipgp.fr/rech/lgm/je/Chapman2010)

The aim of this group is to foster research and collaborations within the community to advance the understanding of the processes that control oceanic detachment faulting and associated geological, chemical, and biological phenomena.

On-going activities of the WG are:
- Special “Theme on Oceanic detachments in AGU G-cubed electronic journal: Set up in November 2010, and to date, this Theme collects 17 articles. The WG will discuss with AGU to maintain the Theme open till 2014, and encourages the submission of relevant articles by the community.
- Dec. 2012 Meeting at AGU among the Members to establish a 2-year roadmap of WG activities.
- Convene a thematic session in 2013 AGU Fall Meeting (session proposal probably due in April 2013) and EGU Spring 2015.
- Organize a 2-3 day InterRidge Theoretical Institute on a specfic topic related to oceanic detachment faulting, (e.g., mechanics of detachment faults).  Tentative dates: Spring or Fall 2014.
- Organize an IODP-detachment related workshop in 2013 or 2014

The WG will actively share information regarding on-going projects and planned cruises to facilitate exchanges in the community.