Reform of InterRidge in 2014

A reform plan for the new structure of the InterRidge membership fees and privileges of each member countries was adopted at the 2014 InterRidge Steering Committee in Beijing, China on 27-28 September 2014.
Twenty-two year after its birth in 1992, InterRidge has continued to evolve based on the principle of collaboration. It is an international organization that pools the resources of its member countries to coordinate oceanic ridge research in a way that is cost-effective, cooperative and proven to be successful. InterRidge is supported by its member countries via membership fees that supports the InterRidge Office and various InterRidge initiatives and activities.
To improve implementation the “Third Decadal Plan” the Steering Committee has approved the following reform of the InterRidge structure to meet the challenges of the current funding situation in its member countries.
1.  InterRidge Steering Committee and member country fees
Principal Member Countries

  • Each Principal Member Country has two representatives in the InterRidge Steering Committee.
  • Each Principal Member Country pays annual fee of $25000 which includes $20000 for the InterRidge general fund and $5000 as the contribution for maintaining of the InterRidge Office.

Regular Member Countries

  • Each Regular Member Country has one representative in the InterRidge Steering Committee.
  • Each Regular Member Country pays annual fee of $5000 as the contribution for maintaining of the InterRidge Office.

Corresponding Member Countries

  • Each Corresponding Member Country has one national correspondent who is welcomed to sit in at the annual meeting of InterRidge Steering Committee as an observer.

2. InterRidge Office

  • InterRidge Office rotates between the Principal Member Countries on a three-yearly term. A Regular Member Country can apply to host the next InterRidge Office on the condition that they plan to become a Principal Member Country. If the application is approved by the InterRidge Steering Committee the Regular Member Country has to become the Principal Member Country in order to host the InterRidge Office.
  • The Principal Member Country that is hosting the InterRidge Office can use all the contributions of $5000 from each member country for maintaining the InterRidge Office; including the salary of the Scientific Coordinator of InterRidge, costs of setting up the office and other expenses to keep the office running on a daily basis.
  • The Principal Member Country that is hosting the InterRidge Office needs to provide any additional funds  necessary to maintain the InterRidge Office.
    Note: that this change will effectively absorb the difference in costs of maintaining the IR office amongst the Principal member countries and stabilize the general funds to promote the science activities of the InterRidge.

3. Privileges of Principal Member Country

The Principal Member Country shall benefit from the following services and activities funded by InterRidge: (Note: these benefits may be for services or activities to or from the Principal Member Country.)

  • InterRidge fellowships
  • InterRidge Mobility Awards for science cruise participation to graduate students and postdocs.
  • InterRidge sponsored meetings and workshops.

The ISA fellowships are an exception that are for recipients from emerging countries only.
The InterRidge Office should present the budget at the annual InterRidge Steering Committee meeting for approval.

Terms of Reference

Procedural guidelines can be read here.

1. A rule adopted at the InterRidge Steering Committee 27-28 September 2014 is that a Principal Member Country can remain as a member country for a period of up to 5 years after its paying the Principal Member fee pending the approval by the InterRidge Steering Committee. This rule is set up to deal with the variation in funding environment at each Principal Member Country.
2. This new funding structure will commence in January 2015.