The MoHole: a Crustal Journey and Mantle Quest

The 2010 MoHole workshop in Kanazawa, Japan, followed on from several recent scientific planning meetings on ocean lithosphere drilling, in particular the Mission Moho Workshop in 2006 (Christie et al., 2006; Ildefonse et al., 2007), and the "Melting, Magma, Fluids and Life" meeting in 2009 (Teagle et al., 2009). These previous meetings eached consensus that a deep hole through a complete section of fast‐spread ocean crust is a renewed priority for the ocean lithosphere community. The scientific rationale for drilling a MoHole in fast‐spread crust is developed in the workshop reports (available online), and most thoroughly articulated in the 2007 IODP Mission Moho drilling proposal (IODP Prop 719MP;

Full report available here.

The Workshop report, published in Scientific Drilling (#10) is available here.