International Ocean Stewardship Forum 2010, NOC Southampton, UK

11/03/2010 00:30
11/04/2010 17:30


The organisers of this meeting are pleased to announce a number of exciting new developments for its November meeting.

a) In order to allow the widest access to the meeting, we have decided to waive all registration fees, in favour of a nominal ‘refreshments only’ contribution of £25 per person.  This will cover teas and coffees and buffet lunches.

b) We have rearranged the meeting programme to focus the presentation and discussion into two full days, to reduce the need for overnight accommodation.  The new programme reflecting this is attached.

c) We have scheduled the early evening ice-breaker session on Wednesday 3rd November, to follow on directly from the afternoon session and to immediately precede the conference dinner. Our silver service dinner event will be conveniently relocated to the NOC Quayside Restaurant dining area, complete with an after dinner speaker/presentation.  The cost of the dinner will be £40 and will include introductory wine and soft drinks.

Programme details

Expressions of interest/pre-registration are open now at the IOSF website:

Please be advised that places are strictly limited to a total attendance of 110, so our strong suggestion is to register early. 

Contact Debbie Yarrow, the event Coordinator on:

+44 (0)23 8059 6542  or

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