European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU 2010)

05/02/2010 00:30
05/07/2010 17:30

European Geosciences Union
General Assembly 2010
Vienna, Austria, 2-7 May 2010

Session convened by InterRidge Working Group on Mantle Imaging:
Melt generation to crustal formation beneath mid-ocean ridges

Convener: Nobukazu Seama
Co-Conveners: Wayne C. Crawford, Pascal Tarits, Douglas Wiens, Alan Chave, Douglas Toomey, John Chen

Recent progress in long term observation technology on the seafloor enables the imaging of mantle structure beneath mid-ocean ridges using both seismological and electromagnetic techniques. The ensuing velocity and resistivity structures, combined with results from laboratory experiments on mantle rocks and from numerical simulations, provide important constraints toward understanding melt generation and mantle dynamics beneath different ridge systems. Further, the connection between the different mantle structures as input and the crustal formation as output can yield the controlling parameters, and improve understanding of how ridges work. The purpose of this session is 1) exchange of the latest mantle structure results and laboratory experiments on mantle rocks, 2) addressing variability of crustal formation through investigations of structural, geophysical, petrological and geochemical characteristics of the crust, and 3) linking investigations from numerical simulations to identify the parameters controlling crustal formation and mantle structure.