Contents - InterRidge News Vol. 17, 2008

InterRidge News Vol. 17, 2008

From the Office 1

Letter from the Chairs 1
Coordinator Update 2
Education and Outreach Update 4
Student Fellows 6

International Research 7
Mid-Atlantic Ridge 7

Cruise MARCHE3/2008 and other cruises of the MARCHE experiment (Goslin et al) 7

R/V Celtic Explorer cruise to survey and sample the V-shaped ridges, south of Iceland: testing the heartbeat of the Iceland Plume (Murton et al) 10

Structure and development of the axial volcanic ridge (Searle et al) 11

Serpentine cruise - ultramafic hosted hydrothermal deposits on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Fouquet et al) 15

New coordinates for the hydrothermal structures in the Logatchev vent field at 14°45’N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Borowski et al) 20

Mediterranean Sea 21
Drilling submarine hydrothermal systems in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy (Petersen et al) 21

Western Pacific 24
A submersible study of the Mariana Trough back-arc spreading center at 17°N (Fujiwara et al) 24

Central Indian Ridge 28
Sampling and surveying ridge-hotspot interaction on the Central Indian Ridge, 19°S: Cruise KNOX11RR (Füri et al) 28

National News 30
Brazil 30
Chile 31
China 31
France 32
Germany 33
India 34
Japan .36
Korea 37
Norway 37
Philippines 38
Russia 39
UK 41
USA 42

Working Group Updates 44
Biogeochemical Interactions at Deep-Sea Vents, Deep Earth Sampling, Long-Range Ridge Exploration, Monitoring and Observatories, Mantle Imaging, Seafloor Mineralization, Ultra-slow Spreading Ridges, Vent Ecology

Workshop Reports 50
Qingdao Ocean Sciences Summer School 2008 50

ESF Magellan Workshop: Lithospheric heterogeneities, hydrothermal regimes, and links between abiotic and biotic processes at slow spreading ridges 51

5th Asia Oceania Geosciences Society Conference (AOGS 2008) 52

Online Resources 54

Upcoming Events 56

Upcoming Cruises 58

InterRidge National Correspondents 60

InterRidge Steering Committee 61