Québec 2008, Joint Annual Meeting GAC - MAC - SEG - SGA

05/26/2008 10:00
05/28/2008 10:00

Location: Québec City Convention Centre, May 26-28, 2008

With the theme "400 years of discovery", Québec 2008 proposes a scientific program that addresses resources and energy, sustainable environment and Earth evolution. Québec 2008 aims to provoke discussions and invites presentations that will touch on the scientific evolution and multidisciplinarity of the geosciences.

Participating Associations: Geological Association of Canada, Mineralogical Association of Canada, Society of Economic Geologists, Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits

Sessions with particular relevance for InterRidge:
Symposium SY2: The geodynamic significance of suture zones,
Symposium SY5: The plateau of Tibet Uplift and its impact on global climate

Short Course on "Submarine Volcanism and Mineralization: Modern Through Ancient"
Sponsors: Volcanology & Igneous Petrology, Mineral Deposits Divisions of Geological Association of Canada
Contact: Brian Cousens, Carleton University, e-mail: bcousens@earthsci.carleton.ca. Conf. website: http://mesozoic.earthsci.carleton.ca/~bcousens/Site_2/Welcome.html.
The goal of the short course is to recap recent advances in the physical volcanology/geochemistry of seafloor volcanic suites and related hydrothermal systems, and to contrast modern volcanic examples with those in the rock record. The link between known or inferred tectonic setting and the style of hydrothermal (and other) mineralization will be emphasized. Day 2 is a field trip to the Thetford Mines ophiolite.