International Conference on Gas Hydrates

10/04/2007 23:39
10/08/2007 23:39

International Conference on Gas Hydrates - Energy, Climate and Environment

National Taiwan University, Taipei

Conference - 4-5 October, 2007
Field Trip - 6-8 October, 2007

Conference Goals
The purposes of this gas hydrate conference are to present a comprehensive expert review of the latest development in the rapidly emerging field of gas hydrate research, examine gas hydrate investigation status in the Asian and Pacific region, provide expert advises on gas hydrate investigation, future, and encourage international cooperation on gas hydrate research.

The conference will be comprised of two days of oral and poster presentations. After the 2-day conference, a 3-day field excursion will be arranged to see the geology and mud volcanoes in southern Taiwan.

English will be the official language of the conference.

Conference registration is free.
Field excursion participants will need to pay US$ 250 to cover the transportation and lodging expenses.

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