Goldschmidt 2012, Montreal, Canada

06/24/2012 08:30
06/29/2012 17:30

Sessions of interest to InterRidge members:

Session 4a. "Melt generation and evolution at mid-ocean ridges"
Conveners Leonid Danyushevsky (University of Tasmania) and Nobumichi
Shimizu (WHOI)

Keynote Roger Buck (LDEO)

This session is aimed at discussing a wide range of issues related to generation and evolution of MORB magmas. We encourage contributions on all aspects of MORB magmatism and intend to highlight a number of topics that thus far have received less attention than they deserve: the effects of ridge migration on magma generation beneath mid-ocean ridges; the importance of mid- and lower-crustal processes in controlling compositions of erupted magmas; spatial scales and magnitude of melt/rock interactions during magma ascent; the significance of volatiles in MORB magmas and their effect on MORB fractionation paths; the extent and importance of high-pressure fractionation during MORB magma evolution. We especially welcome contributions which combine geochemistry, geophysics and/or tectonics.
Further details:
Abstract deadline: 1 February 2012
Early-bird registration deadline: 20 April 2012