Final program of the IR OTF Workshop

Dear Participants and Speakers,

Please find enclosed a final program of the workshop.

Recent paper of InterRidge Working Group on Ecological Connectivity and Resilience

InterRidge Working Group on Ecological Connectivity and Resilience, chaired by Anna Metaxas and Lauren Mullineaux, has recently published a review entitled "Exploring the Ecology of Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents in a Metacommunity Framework" in Frontiers in Marine Science. Congratulations to authors for this thorough review of current knowledge and gaps on the mechanisms supporting the stability of vent meta-communities, of high relevance to the assessment of impacts at regional scales and design of protection plans!

InterRidge Vents Database

The InterRidge Hydrothermal Vents Database current, live version 3.4 is available at:

The previous version 3.3 kml file for Google Earth is available here.

InterRidge Workshop on Oceanic Transform Faults

Forty-nine scientists have registered to the InterR

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  • First WG OTF Workshop, IUEM, Plouzané, France, 22-24 May 2018

    The workshop will be held at IUEM from 22 to 24 May 2018. The institute is located at the city of Plouzané, near Brest, on the western coast of France near the entry of the Brest bay. From the Pointe du Diable (Devil’s Point) the view on the cliffs of the Brittany west coast is breathtaking! Especially in May, when the weather is often sunny and (relatively) warm.

    2017 Oceanic Transform Faults Proposal

    Working group proposal on Oceanic Transform Faults

    Leading proponents and contacts:

    Marcia Maia (, France, geophysics, tectonics
    Barry Hanan (, USA, isotope geochemistry
    Daniele Brunelli (, Italy, petrology

    WG co-proponents:

    2017 IMOVE Proposal

    IMOVE: Integrating Multidisciplinary Observations in Vent Environments

    Remelting the Gondwanan Mantle

    Remelting the Gondwanan Mantle

    H.J.B. Dick1,2, H. Zhou1, C., J.J. Standish2, C. Gao2,1, and H. Marschall1

    2015 CAR workshop(12-15 Oct.)

    CAR workshop website is open.