Special issue “ Magmatic and Tectonics Process, Seabed Resource in the Mid-Ocean Ridge” on Marine Geophysical Research

InterRidge decided to host a special issue “Magmatic and Tectonics Process, Seabed Resource in the Mid-Ocean Ridge” on Marine Geophysical Research. This SI will focus on “Relatively robust magmatic accretion and more amagmatic tectonics extension dominated the accretion of oceanic lithosphere and ridge –axis processes at mid-ocean ridges, as well as affecting the lithospheric structure, seafloor morphology, and seafloor mineralization. This Special Issue will focus on recent studies oceanic lithospheric structure, seafloor morphology, deformation feature (detachment faults, Oceanic Core Complex), complex ridge-tranform evolution and mantle exhumation, changes in crustal composition with geophysical and geochemical data. Hydrothermal process and its interaction with magmatic and tectonics process, geochemistry and biogeochemistry of hydrothermal system, seafloor massive sulfide deposits will form the other major part of this special issue.” Scientists who have presented their works in the 3rd InterRidge Theoretical Institute are encouraged to submit their works to this special volume. Anyone who has related works with the topic is also welcome.

The deadline for paper submission is anticipated to be late May 2016. Anyone wants to submit will need to provide a title and list of coauthors by 15 Nov, and mail them to Dr. Weiwei Ding.

Marine Geophysical Research is an international Springer journal of the study of the earth beneath the sea. See more details of this journal at http://link.springer.com/journal/11001.

Wishing you good luck for the preparation of your manuscript(s).

Weiwei Ding, on behalf of the editorial board, wwding@sio.org.cn

Special Issue Editoial Board:

Prof. Jiabiao Li, Chairman of the InterRidge, Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA, China

Prof. John, Chen, Chairman of the InterRidge, Peking University


Dr. Weiwei Ding, Second Institute of Oceanography