Joint "Minerals of the Ocean-5" and "Deep-Sea Minerals and Mining-2 (DSMM-2)" St.Petersburg, Russia

06/28/2010 00:30
07/02/2010 16:30

Due to the strong increase in demand for metallic raw materials the marine ocean floor deposits and their mineability are again in the centre of interest of many international marine geology, technology and raw materials experts as well as state agencies and mining companies.
The 5th Conference “Minerals of the Ocean” jointly with the 2nd Conference “Deep-Sea Minerals and Mining” have the objectives of presenting the latest results and discoveries from marine expeditions, as well as new research data about the formation, distribution geochemistry and importance of high-tech elements of marine minerals. Geological setting and composition of massive sulfides, ferromanganese crusts and nodules, phosphorites and gas hydrates will be discussed during the meeting in St. Petersburg. Another purpose of the conference is to present modern technologies and economical aspects of marine mining as well as to discuss the future development of this very important field.

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