InterRidge News Volume 15 - 2006

- Letter from the Chair - C. Devey

Info from the Office
- Coordinator Update - Sabine Lange

- InterRidge statement of commitment to responsible research practices at deep-sea hydrothermal vents - C. Devey

International Research
- Introducing the Endeavour Marine Protected Area - Management Support System project charter - K. Conley

- Discovery of new hydrothermal vents on the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge (4S-10S) during cruise M68/1 - A. Koschinsky et al.

- The "MARCHE" cruise: acoustic monitoring of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at a regional scale around teh MoMAR site using autonomous hydrophones - The MARCHE Shipboard Party

- The "STRIPAREA" cruise: highly detailed multibeam bathymetry survey of the Azores Triple Junction - J. Luis et al.

- Lost Village - a "faubourg" of Lost City - S.V. Galkin et al.

- MoMARETO: a cruise dedicated to teh spatio-temportal dynamics and the adaptations of hydrothermal vent fauna on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge - J. Sarrazin et al.

- The first collaborative China-International cruises to investigate Mid-Ocean ridge hydrothermal vents - J. Lin & C. Zhang

- InterRidge and the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research - E. Urban

- ChEss - A Census of Marine Life Project - M. Baker et al.

- The General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) - B. Whitmarsh

Education and Outreach
- InterRidge E&O Update - K.M. Kusek

- Ridge science outreach efforts are ongoing in India - C. Subrahmanyam

National News

Working Group Updates
- InterRidge Working Groups - a new look - C. Devey

Workshop Reports
- Polar Ridges Meetings and Workshop - J. Snow et al.

- Mission Moho Workshop - B. Ildefonse et al.

- InterRidge Outstanding Student Award 2006 - Awarded to Anna Cipriani

Upcoming Events

Cruise Schedule