Submitting to the InterRidge News


InterRidge News is intended for rapid publication of preliminary results and cruise reports which do not appear in other publications. Ridge crest researchers are encouraged to submit their findings as short articles, up to 4 manuscript pages in length, accompanied by up to 4 figures. Articles involving multi-national cooperation are especially encouraged. The articles appearing in InterRidge News are intended to disseminate as quickly as possible the preliminary results from recent Mid-Ocean Ridge and Back-Arc Basin related cruises as well as ophiolites or other relevant research areas. Articles are not peer-reviewed and they should not be cited as peer-reviewed articles. The InterRidge office reserves the right of editorial refusal, or request for revision, of submitted articles in order to meet our relevancy and quality goals.

The InterRidge Office will accept the following types of articles:

1) cruise reports: shipboard or immediate post-cruise results,
2) preliminary results of recent field work related to ridge research, back arc basins and ophiolites,
3) general interest articles: new equipment, new ships, opinion articles, workshop reports, news or updates of ridge-related projects.

Please note that while the InterRidge Office does edit the articles and strives to correct any grievous errors, all responsibility for scientific accuracy rests with the authors. Comments on articles that have appeared in InterRidge News are always welcome.

Submission Method & Format

Submission must be by email to the InterRidge Coordinator as an attached Microsoft Word document. If you intend to submit an article, the IR Office would appreciate knowing in advance.
Articles should be split into the following parts:
Abstract - 1-2 paragraphs, maximum 250 words
Manuscript - short articles up to 4 pages in length (approx 5000 words). References should be quoted in the text as : (Author, Year); (Author & Author, Year); (Author et al., Year)
References - Formatting for the reference sections follows that of the Geophysical Research Letters and the Journal of Geophysical Research. Some examples are listed below - Corliss, J.B., J. Dymond, L.I. Gordon, J.M. Edmond, R.P. von Herzen, R.D. Ballard, K. Green, D. Williams, A. Bainbridge, K. Crane, and T.H. van Andel. Submarine thermal springs on the Galapagos Rift. Science, 203, 1073-1083, 1977. Cannat, M., C. Rommevaux-Jestin, D. Sauter, V. Mendel, and C. Deplus. Focussed volcanism and the segmentation of the very slow spreading Southwest Indian Ridge (SWIR). EOS Trans. AGU, 78, F682, 1997.


Figures will be printed as CMYK (not RGB). Please provide as high resolution as possible for your figures and images. Uncompressed file types are preferred (gif/jpg/tiff/BMP will result in lower quality prints).

If you have any questions, email the InterRidge coordinator