World Conference on Marine Biodiversity, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

09/26/2011 00:30
09/30/2011 17:30

New session announced:
"Diversity and function of deep-sea ecosystems: from micro- to macro-organisms”.

Conveners: Evina Gontikaki, Ursula Witte, Roberto Danovaro, Paul Snelgrove and Kim Juniper

This session invites presentations related to:
- new discoveries on deep-sea diversity across all size-scales of organisms
- the link between deep-sea diversity and ecosystem function
- anthropogenic impacts on deep-sea ecosystems, their diversity and function

Oral and poster presentations, digital objects and podcasts welcome !!
Deadline for abstracts: 31 January 2011.
If you have already submitted an abstract you think suitable for this session, just drop us a line.

The conference aims to:
1. Review our knowledge of marine biodiversity and its role in marine ecosystem functioning
2. Assess the most critical threats to marine systems and consider management strategies
3. Discuss sustainable development and socio-economic impacts on the marine sector
4. Identify future research priorities

Details at:
Abstract deadline: 31 Jan 2011
Early bird registration deadline 1 July 2011