InterRidge promotes interdisciplinary, international studies of oceanic spreading centers by creating a global research community, planning and coordinating new science programs that no single nation can achieve alone, exchanging scientific information, and sharing new technologies and facilities. InterRidge is dedicated to reaching out to the public, scientists and governments, and to providing a unified voice for ocean ridge researchers worldwide.

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The meeting will be held in The HNA Resort Huagang Hangzhou, Yang Gong causeway NO.1, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Hotel rooms have been block booked in the same hotel. 

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1st Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Ocean Biogeochemistry

06/12/2016 02:56
07/17/2016 02:56

1st Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Ocean Biogeochemistry will be held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on 12-17 June 2016. The topic of this first conference will be The Biologically-Driven Ocean Carbon Pumps.

Interested researchers, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students are invited to apply for participation as soon as possible on the GRC website (Online Application):

AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016

Mapping the oceans: co-ordinating seabed and habitat mapping for maritime spatial planning. 

Session ID#: 9526

Session Description:

Globally it is estimated that hydrographic maps are available for only 5% of the world’s oceans, even less of which have been mapped geologically or to identify benthic habitats. 

Blue Mining marine minerals post-doc positions at NOC, Southampton

NOC, Southampton is seeking high-calibre applicants for two 2-year fixed-term appointments in the field of marine mineral resources. One post is for a geologist specialising in ore petrology and geochemistry. The other post is for a geophysicist specialising in shallow section marine seismic imaging. 

Please see attachments for details.




主题一: 洋中脊岩浆和构造过程

      Dr. Jian Lin (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA), Co-Convener

Call for 11 PhD Stipends for studies of the North Atlantic Ocean

The Research School HOSST-TOSST is seeking 11 PhD students based in Kiel, Germany and 11 PhD students based in Halifax, Canada. 

Regional Framework Plan for Marine Seismics‹ OCE Communication, Early Summer 2015

OCE is carefully considering input from the marine seismic community and

the UNOLS Marcus Langseth Science Oversight Committee (MLSOC) regarding

ways to improve experiment planning. This advice, together with internal

NSF discussions, leads us to adopt a Regional Framework Path for marine

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) Postdoctoral Fellow Programme

JAMSTEC will be recruiting a total of 5 JAMSTEC Postdoctoral Fellow positions

Postdoctoral Fellow position in climate dynamics

There is a vacancy for a postdoctoral fellow position at the Geophysical
Institute, University of Bergen