2010 Update

Mantle Imaging WG

Chair – Nobukazu Seama (Kobe University, Japan)

In 2010, we convened a session at the EGU meeting, the title being: "Melt generation to crustal formation beneath mid-ocean ridges" and we had 12 abstracts.  However, we merged to make an oral session entitled: "Two-phase dynamics of mid-ocean ridges and other systems: theory and observation". Whilst there were not many abstracts, the session itself attracted a lot of interest.

We also discussed the InterRidge Theoretical Institute (IRTI) with a workshop in Japan, 2011, and made provisional plans.  We submitted our proposal to JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) in April 2010.  The result came out recently that our proposal was not funded unfortunately, and we had to decide that we will not hold the IRTI in 2011.  We are seeking another possibility.