2010 InterRidge Student and Postdoctoral Fellowship awards


The InterRidge Steering Committee is very pleased to announce the recipients of the 2010 InterRidge Student and Postdoctoral Fellowship programme - Shinsuke Kawagucci, Baby Divya and Akumbom Vishiti. Three awards were made this year, one from InterRidge and two which were provided from the International Seabed Authority Endowment Fund, which aims to support the participation of qualified scientists and technical personnel from developing countries.

Shinsuke Kawagucci is a postdoctoral researcher at JAMSTEC, Japan who will work in a lab in the USA. Baby Divya, a Ph.D. student at NIO, India, will also travel to the USA to develop her research and Akumbom Vishiti, a graduate student will develop links with IFM-GEOMAR in Germany. Read more about their background and research proposals